Wednesday, September 12, 2007

JavaZone 2007: End of day one

Day one nears the end, at least with respect to sessions.

"Blogging live" about sessions is quite different from normal blogging in that there's more of a deadline: You have to finish one entry before the next sessions begins, or you'll be backlogged. This means some of the entries are more like notes than any deep thoughts. My mind is split on this issue, but I'll try to continue my experiment tomorrow since I think the average quality of today's entries is OK.

Also, it might not always be perfectly clear what is said by the speaker and what is added by me. I'll make it simple for you and suggest you attribute any nonsense to me, and the rest to the speakers.

The ClubZone starts soon, with four different bars open for the attendees. Here's to hoping it will be easy to get up tomorrow!

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