Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Blogging from JavaZone 2007

The moment is here: the annual JavaZone 2007 conference is just about to start here in Oslo (Norway) as of Wednesday, 12th of September. I'm volunteering as usual, but I'll try to blog as much as I can: about the sessions, the food and the feel of the conference.

The conference

JavaZone is one of the biggest Java conferences in Europe. This year, over 2000 tickets have been sold, maxing out Oslo Spektrum, the biggest music hall in town.

While a lot of the sessions are in Norwegian, there are a number of international speakers coming, like Jürgen Höller (Interface21), Cameron Purdy (Oracle), Linda DeMichiel (EJB spec lead), etc.

BEKK's own (inimitable) Aslak will give a session, as will Tom Bang, Trond Arve Wasskog, Thomas Heiberg, Anders Østen, Per Mengshoel, Eivind Waaler, Frithjof Frederiksen, Lars Lunde and probably some other I forgot. Quite a lot of sessions, anyway.

The sessions

I'll be filming the sessions in the room Gate 4, so I'll mostly follow the sessions there. One of the sessions I'm excited about is Johannes Brodwall's "Farewell to the application server", about going back to the basics and build apps without a complex Java EE environment.

Magne Jørgensen then has a session on choosing methods, techniques in tools. He is a researcher, and last year he held a very interesting session on estimation.

Trond Arve Wasskog has a session on simplicity, continuing in the vein of Johannes's session.

Also there are sessions on ServiceMix, Spring-OSGi, FIT and Comet.

We are just about to start, so stay tuned!

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