Thursday, September 13, 2007

JavaZone 2007: Apache Tuscany

After a good (heh) night's sleep (double heh), another day of sessions awaits. Guys, two mornings in a row of Norwegian Rammstein covers is just brutal :-)

Simon Laws from IBM UK had a session on Apache Tuscany, a SCA implementation.

SCA is a model for distrubuted components implemented in any of a range of technologies (Java, BPEL, Ruby, etc.). Components can be integrated using web services, RMI, etc.

An app is assembled with a XML descriptor. It looks really easy to change component distribution. SCA can easily integrate with existing systems and services.

Tuscany also contains a SDO implementation for data binding.

The Tuscany distribution contains a bunch of demos which is probably the best way to start if you want to learn more than this miserable write-up (sorry, Simon, I'm really not doing your session justice).

SCA and SDO have been mostly acronyms to me till now. This session gave a nice, high-level view and rationale, as well as some nice Tuscany demos.

Tuscany blog

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